Who is Winslow Dog?

Winslow Dog is a very cute 4+ year-old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, who along with Kip, the Briard, run my life. In total, I have five dogs for whom I cook. The other three belong to members of my family. But make no mistake, they're all foodies.
Winslow Dog

I learned to appreciate good food from my mother and learned to cook for my dogs. This may sound odd and many friends laugh. But the truth is that these dogs love to eat and they eat a wide variety of menu items, right down to homemade strawberry jam. They're all great and the inspiration for this site.

Kip, the Briard
A few years back, I was visiting my closest friend in Colorado for her wedding. Things were hectic and I volunteered to make dinner. A simple Alfredo was the dish, and one of my dog's very favorites. This was in a time before Winslow. I had a Briard named Wim, affectionately called Wim Wim. Wim Wim loved all things cream and cheese. With that in mind, I began to prepare him Fettuccine Alfredo. I perfected my Alfredo for that pup and that evening, two nights before my friend's nuptials, I made it for her and her guests, certain that there would be left-overs the next day for lunch. Digging through the fridge the following morning, I could see no memory of the previous night's pasta. I had warned them that it was "dog food". Apparently, they were not deterred. There wasn't a noodle left.

Some say I have spoiled my dogs. Perhaps. But the truth is, they've spoiled me.