Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Love to Eat

This is a blog about food - baking, cooking, and most of all eating... Guiltless and fun. Diet is not a word to be used on this blog and anyone even uttering this discouraging word will be banished from this site forever by the food gods, or goddess in my case.

I was recently introduced to a new acquaintance, an accountant, who told me that he had taken a cooking class. Immediately, I perked up and grilled him on all the fine things he had discovered on his journey. He replied that the most important thing he had learned from the whole experience was to be organized.... My eyes flew open and immediately I knew this budding friendship could not last. I started doing my analytical thing and thought, if this is all you got out of a cooking class, you are seriously lacking in emotion, passion and the very essence of life: joy! But I should not have been surprised for after all, this was an accountant and a very good one at that. I was quite struck by the way that an accountant could account in a kitchen. My response was that the most important things to be learned from a cooking class were to enjoy the process of creating and devouring the food you made. For food is a passion that inspires, confounds and leaves you breathless. Cooking, like all art, is the expression of emotion. In my opinion, there is no room for just simple organization. Inspiration is what is key! And while I did try to explain this and he quickly agreed, I don't think he got it, if for no other reason than he was still into measuring, quantifying and classifying ounces and liters... No, no, no.

That said, I am not suggesting that you throw out the measuring cups with the sink water. But play is good. I am not a professional cook. I am simply a person who likes to create and enjoys the process of selecting food items to combine. I also live to check out farmer's markets, bakeries, chocolatiers, and anything else that might be food related. And from time to time, perhaps search out something which isn't, if it strikes my fancy. I would love to hear from others as to things that inspire them in the kitchen or take their taste buds to the next level. So welcome to this blog and let's eat!

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